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Tune IN!

We Might Be Superheroes TV

by Lawrence Sufrin

Viewmaster Faith & Hope!

We Might Be Superheroes Viwmaster

In Stereoscope!

by Lawrence Sufrin

Gold Key Faith & Hope

Faith and Hope Childrens Book

Not just for kids!

by Lawrence Sufrin

Movie of the week

Faith and Hope TV Guide

TV Party Tonight!

by Lawrence Sufrin


Faith and Hope Volcano


by Clever Triffid

F & H paperback

F & H paperback

We might have a book deal
by Lawrence Sufrin

Alien Abduction

alien abduction

“Hey there’s them crop circles we’re looking for. Um, is it getting warm?”

by Lawrence Sufrin

Ready For Action

zen z murfy

Faith and Hope enjoy the great outdoors
by Mike Ling


hope and faith fight a giant lizard

A Prehistoric Punk Pummeled
by JTW

Pixel This…


Our bitmapped heroines!
by Puppy Parade

Pixel Perfect!


Dot’s all folks!
by Golden Owens

We Might be Surreal


Magritte, eat your hat out!
by SeƱor Scorpio

Premiere Event Poster

we might be superheroes poster

by Puppy Parade

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